• Philips EXP521 eXpanium

    Philips EXP521 eXpanium

    Description The Philips EXP521 eXpanium is a portable CD player, MP3 player and (limited) gaming handheld in one. It plays both audio CDs and MP3s with 420-seconds skip protection. This… Lees verder »

  • Philips Prophesy ‘CUBE’ TV

    Philips Prophesy ‘CUBE’ TV

    Description The Philips Prophesy TV is a limited edition TV from the Dutch manufacturer Philips. It was manufactured in Italy. The TV had a special design. The designers went out… Lees verder »

  • CD-i Internet Pakket

    CD-i Internet Pakket

    Introduction In 1996, Philips launched the CD-i Internet package. This package allowed users to go onto the Internet with their CD-i player, without the need for a PC. Together with… Lees verder »

  • Vita Dragon Quest Metal Slime Edition

    Vita Dragon Quest Metal Slime Edition

    Description The Dragon Quest Metal Slime Edition is an attractive limited edition for the PS VITA. It was released in 2014. It has a silver outer shell that gives it… Lees verder »

  • PS4 Dragon Quest Metal Slime Edition

    PS4 Dragon Quest Metal Slime Edition

    SPECS Name PS4 Dragon Quest Metal Slime Edition Type Home Console (limited edition) Lifespan 2014 Brand Sony Generation 8th Worth 250 Prices – Units – Rarity rare Predecessor PS3 Successor… Lees verder »

  • ES 2218 Las Vegas super color

    ES 2218 Las Vegas super color

    Description The Philips tele-games series was a series of six pong-machines that were introduced between 1975 and 1978. The consoles were one of the first European gaming consoles and also… Lees verder »

  • Videotronic CD-i M360 POS

    Videotronic CD-i M360 POS

    Introduction The CD-i M360 POS is a TV with a built-in CD-i player from the Dutch company Videotronic. This TV is comparable to the B&O AV5 and the Philips TCDI30,… Lees verder »

  • PlayStation Portal

    PlayStation Portal

    Description The PlayStation Portal Remote Player is an accessory for the PlayStation 5. With this streaming device, you can play PlayStation 5 games anywhere you want via a wireless network…. Lees verder »

  • Videopac Carrying Case

    Videopac Carrying Case

    Description Austrian collecting box / carrying case for Videopac games that is similar to the Cassette Box, but made of hard plastic rather than cardboard. It contains a black tray… Lees verder »

  • Brandt JO7400

    Brandt JO7400

    Description The Brandt JO7400 is a 3rth generation Home Gaming Console introduced by Brandt in 1983. It is a special, tailor made, version of the Philips Videopac G7400. The name… Lees verder »

  • The most beautiful game consoles of all time

    The most beautiful game consoles of all time

    Preface Where gaming consoles are compared, the technical specifications or the range of games are often the main topics. It is wrongly assumed that every gamer chooses a particular game… Lees verder »

  • Odyssey


    Description The Odyssey was the first Video game console with removable cartridges. It was developed by Sanders Associates and manufactured/introduced by Magnavox. The Odyssey went on sale some time between… Lees verder »

  • Sony IVO-V11 CD-i

    Sony IVO-V11 CD-i

    Introduction CD-i is a platform which is mainly associated with Philips. However, it was intended to be a multimedia platform for which different companies could develop software and hardware. In… Lees verder »

  • Epoch Cassette Vision

    Epoch Cassette Vision

    Description The Epoch Cassette Vision was a Japanese console from a company called Epoch. It was introduced in 1981, two years before the NES, for only 13,500 Yen. The graphics… Lees verder »

  • Philips CD-i 601

    Philips CD-i 601

    Description The CD-i 660 is the first professional and institutional CD-i-player that was primarily introduced for education, training and point of sale techniques. In practice, however, this model was mainly… Lees verder »

  • Sega Saturn ‘This is cool’

    Sega Saturn ‘This is cool’

    Description A special, region free, version of the Sega Saturn that was only introduced in Japan. Only between 5,000 and 10,000 units of this console were made. It is a… Lees verder »

  • Philips AMBX premium kit

    Philips AMBX premium kit

    Description Introduction The Philips Ambx Premium Kit is a speaker system with extra game related functions. After an initial announcement in 2005, the hardware was introduced in 2007. It was… Lees verder »

  • SONY PVM-2950QM (retro gaming monitor)

    SONY PVM-2950QM (retro gaming monitor)

    Description Appearance The Sony PVM-2950QM is an exceptional monitor. With its 29-inch (27 inch viewable) diagonal, it is one of the biggest consumer CRT’s of its time. The 2950QM is… Lees verder »

  • Philips N30

    Philips N30

    Description The Philips N30 is a Pong console released exclusively for the French market in 1977. The console is similar to T-02 from Philips’ sister company ‘Radiola’. Technically, the N30… Lees verder »

  • Philips N20 and AV10

    Philips N20 and AV10

    Description The Philips N20 is a Pong console released exclusively for the French market in 1977. The console is similar to T-03 from Philips’ sister company ‘Radiola’. The console can… Lees verder »

  • DVS VE-200 CD-i

    DVS VE-200 CD-i

    Description The DVS VE-200 is a CD-i player manufactured by LG that was introduced in 1998. It is therefore one of the last CD-i consoles and also one of the… Lees verder »

  • Tele-fever


    Introduction The Tele-Fever is a console from the coffee roaster Tschibo. The console was sold exclusively in Germany for the very reasonable price of 99 Deutsche Mark. Design The Tele… Lees verder »

  • Zodiac


    Introduction Introduction The Zodiac is a handheld from the American company Tapwave. It was announced and introduced in October 2003 (Silver model-C1). However, both the Zodiac and Tapwave were short-lived… Lees verder »

  • Intellivision


    Description The Intellivision is a second generation gaming console. It was released in 1979 by Mattel Electronics. The name Intellivision is a contraction of ‘intelligent’ and ’television’. It is considered… Lees verder »

  • Commodore CDTV

    Commodore CDTV

    Description The Commodore CDTV is one of those systems from the 90s that aimed to provide more than just video games. The CDTV went head-to-head with the Philips CD-i for… Lees verder »

  • Philips CD-i 660

    Philips CD-i 660

    Description The CD-i 660 is a professional CD-player. It is one of the last and technical, most advanced CD-i players. It has a built-in DVC. Furthermore, the system’s operating shell… Lees verder »

  • Videopac G7000 CSV edition ‘Verkehrsspiele’

    Videopac G7000 CSV edition ‘Verkehrsspiele’

    Description In 1982, Philips introduced a special version of the Videopac in cooperation with a West German advertising agency from Düsseldorp; CSV. This CSV Video-Traffic Games Edition of the G7000… Lees verder »

  • PlayStation 3D Monitor

    PlayStation 3D Monitor

    Description Introduction Anno 2023, more and more brands are introducing dedicated gaming monitors. It becomes clear to them that many gamers today no longer need a TV tuner. They simply… Lees verder »

  • Radiola Videopac Jet 471

    Radiola Videopac Jet 471

    The Jet 471 is Radiola’s successor to the Jet 47. It has the same specifications as the Philips Videopac G7401 and also uses the same Péritel/DIN plug for video output… Lees verder »

  • Eizo FlexScan F78 (retro gaming monitor)

    Eizo FlexScan F78 (retro gaming monitor)

    Description Specs The FlexScan F78 is a professional computer monitor from Eizo. It was Eizo’s top model CRT when it was introduced in 1997. This was a turning point, when… Lees verder »

  • SBR CD-i 4000

    SBR CD-i 4000

    Description The SBR CD-i 4000 was a compact CD-i player that came on the market in 1995 (the twilight of the CD-i system). It is a rebranded version of the… Lees verder »

  • Apple Studio Display 17-inch (retro CRT ‘gaming’ monitor)

    Apple Studio Display 17-inch (retro CRT ‘gaming’ monitor)

    Description The 17″ Apple Studio Display (Graphite – CRT), was introduced by Apple in 1999. The monitor complemented the Power Macintosh G4/400 and the G4/500. It is a CRT monitor… Lees verder »

  • Katz Media Player – KMP 2000 (Pippin)

    Katz Media Player – KMP 2000 (Pippin)

    Description The KMP-2000 Pippin is the European version of the Pippin game console from the Japanese toy company Namco Bandai and the American tech giant Apple. The console was introduced… Lees verder »

  • Nokia N-GAGE QD (Rayman bundle)

    Nokia N-GAGE QD (Rayman bundle)

    The N-gage QD is a redesigned version of the original N-gage. It was released by Nokia on the 26. of May 2004. Around the 00’s ever more young people carried… Lees verder »

  • Philips P2000T

    Philips P2000T

    Description Philips P200T In march of 1980 Philps introduced its P2000T home computer. The system was to a large extend developed by the Austrian professor Dieter Hammer. He used a… Lees verder »

  • Philips CD-i mouse

    Philips CD-i mouse

    The CDI 22ER9011 is a mouse for the CD-i consoles. In came with a mousepad and a bracket to secure it to your CD-i. In the 1990s various gaming consoles… Lees verder »

  • Sega Dreamcast Tsutaya Rental Unit

    Sega Dreamcast Tsutaya Rental Unit

    Description The Sega Dreamcast Tsutaya Rental Unit is a limited edition version of the Sega Dreamcast. The original Dreamcast was released in 1998 in Japan and in 1999 in Europe… Lees verder »

  • Philips Videopac N60

    Philips Videopac N60

    Description The Videopac N60 is an extremely rare variant of the Videopac. Specs and Appearance The console is in appearance very similar to the more known G7200. The console has… Lees verder »

  • Philips CD-i 370

    Philips CD-i 370

    Introduction The Philips CD-i 370 was the third and last portable Philips CDi player. It was introduced in 1996. Development Although Philips branded and introduced several CD-i handhelds, none of… Lees verder »

  • Philips CD-i 350

    Philips CD-i 350

    Description Introduction The Philips CD-i 350 was the first portable CDi player. It was introduced in 1993. With a color LCD panel and built-in video, this was a very capable… Lees verder »

  • Gamecube Tales of Symphonia (Limited to France)

    Gamecube Tales of Symphonia (Limited to France)

    The Gamecube Tales of Symphonia pack is a bundle consisting of a Tales of Symphonia themed Gamecube and the game. In Europe it was only released in France. The Gamecube… Lees verder »

  • Panasonic 3DO FZ10

    Panasonic 3DO FZ10

    Description The Pansonic FZ-10 3DO was the predecessor to the Panasonic FZ-1. It was introduced in the US in 1994 with an introduction price of $399. This was much more… Lees verder »

  • Atari Jaguar

    Atari Jaguar

    Description The Jaguar was Atari’s last console and a successor to the Atari 7800. The console will go down in the history books as highly anticipated, but one that could… Lees verder »

  • Mad Dog McCree and Peacekeeper Revolver

    Mad Dog McCree and Peacekeeper Revolver

    Philips introduced the Peacekeerp Revolver as a bundle with the light gun game Mac Dog McCree in 1994. The bundle was retailing for $60 dollars. The bundle game with a… Lees verder »

  • Philips CD-i 470

    Philips CD-i 470

    Description The CD-i 470 was a compact CD-i player that came on the market in 1995 (the twilight of the CD-i system). The console was designed to fit seamlessly into… Lees verder »

  • Philips Roller Controller

    Philips Roller Controller

    The CDI 22ER9012 Roller Controller is a controller for the Philips CD-i. It was designed after extensive studies by CTW and was build by Kun Ring Enterprises. However the working… Lees verder »

  • Siera Videopac+ G7400

    Siera Videopac+ G7400

    Description The Siera Videopac + G7400 is a Belgian Videopac gaming console. It is technical and in appearance almost identical to the Philips Videopac G7400+. The only real visible difference… Lees verder »

  • Commodore 64

    Commodore 64

    Description Introduction The Commodore 64 is a home computer from the American company Commodore Business Machine (CBM). This home computer would go down in history as the best-selling Personal Computer… Lees verder »

  • Gizmondo


    Introduction If there’s one thing that modern gaming history has shown, it’s that it’s damn hard to get a new platform out there. During 50 years, in which 10 generations… Lees verder »

  • Nokia N-GAGE

    Nokia N-GAGE

    The N-gage is a handheld introduced by mobile phone maker Nokia in 2003. Around the 00’s ever more young people carried both a phone and a handheld in their pocket…. Lees verder »

  • Philips FW380i CD-i HIFI system

    Philips FW380i CD-i HIFI system

    Description The FW380i is a CD-i mini hi-fi system from the Dutch electronics company Philips. It is not only a very rare device, but also special because it is a… Lees verder »

  • Xbox series X Halo Infinite Limited Edition

    Xbox series X Halo Infinite Limited Edition

    The Xbox series X Halo Infinite limited edition is a limited edition of the regular Xbox series X. It was launched on November 15, 2021 in honor of Xbox’s 20th… Lees verder »

  • Top 10 Philips CD-i games

    Top 10 Philips CD-i games

    The Philips CD-i wasn’t the worlds best console when ik came out in the late 80’s. It also wasn’t primarly intended to be a dedicated gaming console, but more like… Lees verder »

  • Philips Discoverer TV

    Philips Discoverer TV

    Description The Discoverer TV is a limited edition TV from the Dutch manufacturer Philips. It was designed by Honson Lee and was introduced in 1983 to celebrate NASA’s first space… Lees verder »

  • The Second Video Game Crash!?

    The Second Video Game Crash!?

    introduction In the mid-90s, war was waged in the land of games. Nintendo, Sega, Sony, Philips and Panasonic, one by one the multinationals made their trenches, took their positions and… Lees verder »

  • Panasonic 3DO FZ-1

    Panasonic 3DO FZ-1

    Description The 3DO Interactive Multiplayer (commonly referred to as 3DO) was a line of video game consoles marketed by Panasonic, Sanyo and GoldStar between 1993 and 1994. The first iteration,… Lees verder »

  • Sony Bravia KDL-22PX300 (PS2 TV)

    Sony Bravia KDL-22PX300 (PS2 TV)

    Description Introduction It is somewhat special to launch a PS2 product in late 2010. After all, the PS3 had been released in 2006 and, after a troubled start, had already… Lees verder »

  • The ‘Philips Shock’

    The ‘Philips Shock’

    How the development of Nintendo PlayStation let to the Zelda CD-i games. Introduction For many fans of Nintendo, the three Zelda games that came out for the Philips CD-i are… Lees verder »

  • Philips in2it

    Philips in2it

    Description Introduction Last week, on March 11th 2021, Lou Ottons passed away at the age of 94. This Dutch inventor worked for decades as ‘Head of product Development’ at Philips…. Lees verder »

  • Panasonic Q

    Panasonic Q

    Background Until the end of the 20th century, Panasonic was the largest electronics concern in the world and during its heyday had almost 400,000 employees worldwide. Despite these successes, the brand… Lees verder »

  • Xbox One X Cyberpunk Edition

    Xbox One X Cyberpunk Edition

    Description Microsoft lanced this special edition to promote the upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077 and of course the Xbox One X. This special edition was released in June of 2020. Microsoft… Lees verder »