• Eizo FlexScan F78 (retro gaming monitor)

    Eizo FlexScan F78 (retro gaming monitor)

    Description Specs The FlexScan F78 is a professional computer monitor from Eizo. It was Eizo’s top model CRT when it was introduced in 1997. This was a turning point, when… Lees verder »

  • Verkehrsspiele 1

    Verkehrsspiele 1

    In 1979 Philips introduced a special version of the Vidopac in cooperation with the German organization CSV. This CSV Video-Traffic Games Edition of the G7000 was given to primary schools… Lees verder »

  • SBR CD-i 4000

    SBR CD-i 4000

    Description The SBR CD-i 4000 was a compact CD-i player that came on the market in 1995 (the twilight of the CD-i system). It is a rebranded version of the… Lees verder »

  • Apple Studio Display 17-inch (retro CRT ‘gaming’ monitor)

    Apple Studio Display 17-inch (retro CRT ‘gaming’ monitor)

    Inhoudsopgave1 Description1.1 Different CRT models (1999–2002)1.2 Graphite in use2 Conclusion Description The 17″ Apple Studio Display (Graphite – CRT), was introduced by Apple in 1999. The monitor complemented the Power… Lees verder »

  • Katz Media Player – KMP 2000 (Pippin)

    Katz Media Player – KMP 2000 (Pippin)

    Inhoudsopgave1 Description2 Katz Media3 Software4 Looks and specifications 5 Use cases 6 Reception and decline7 legacy of the Pippin Description The KMP-2000 Pippin is the European version of the Pippin… Lees verder »

  • Nokia N-GAGE QD (Rayman bundle)

    Nokia N-GAGE QD (Rayman bundle)

    The N-gage QD is a redesigned version of the original N-gage. It was released by Nokia on the 26. of May 2004. Around the 00’s ever more young people carried… Lees verder »

  • Philips P2000T

    Philips P2000T

    Inhoudsopgave1 Description1.1 Philips P200T2 Looks and specs3 Popularity Description Philips P200T In march of 1980 Philps introduced its P2000T home computer. The system was to a large extend developed by… Lees verder »

  • Philips CD-i mouse

    Philips CD-i mouse

    The CDI 22ER9011 is a mouse for the CD-i consoles. In came with a mousepad and a bracket to secure it to your CD-i. In the 1990s various gaming consoles… Lees verder »

  • Sega Dreamcast Tsutaya Rental Unit

    Sega Dreamcast Tsutaya Rental Unit

    Description The Sega Dreamcast Tsutaya Rental Unit is a limited edition version of the Sega Dreamcast. The original Dreamcast was released in 1998 in Japan and in 1999 in Europe… Lees verder »

  • Philips Videopac N60

    Philips Videopac N60

    Inhoudsopgave1 Description2 Specs and Appearance3 Name4 Appearance Description The Videopac N60 is an extremely rare variant of the Videopac. Specs and Appearance The console is in appearance very similar to… Lees verder »

  • Philips CD-i 370

    Philips CD-i 370

    Inhoudsopgave1 Introduction2 Development3 Specifications and appearance4 Appearance and use cases4.1 Explanation of different buttons and ports5 Rarity Introduction The Philips CD-i 370 was the third and last portable Philips CDi… Lees verder »

  • Philips CD-i 350

    Philips CD-i 350

    Inhoudsopgave1 Description1.1 Introduction1.2 Appearance1.3 Rarity Description Introduction The Philips CD-i 350 was the first portable CDi player. It was introduced in 1993. With a color LCD panel and built-in video,… Lees verder »

  • Gamecube Tales of Symphonia (Limited to France)

    Gamecube Tales of Symphonia (Limited to France)

    The Gamecube Tales of Symphonia pack is a bundle consisting of a Tales of Symphonia themed Gamecube and the game. In Europe it was only released in France. The Gamecube… Lees verder »

  • Panasonic 3DO FZ10

    Panasonic 3DO FZ10

    Description The Pansonic FZ-10 3DO was the predecessor to the Panasonic FZ-1. It was introduced in the US in 1994 with an introduction price of $399. This was much more… Lees verder »

  • Atari Jaguar

    Atari Jaguar

    Description The Jaguar was Atari’s last console and a successor to the Atari 7800. The console will go down in the history books as highly anticipated, but one that could… Lees verder »

  • Mad Dog McCree and Peacekeeper Revolver

    Mad Dog McCree and Peacekeeper Revolver

    Philips introduced the Peacekeerp Revolver as a bundle with the light gun game Mac Dog McCree in 1994. The bundle was retailing for $60 dollars. The bundle game with a… Lees verder »

  • Philips CD-i 470

    Philips CD-i 470

    Description The CD-i was a compact CD-i player that came on the market in 1995 (the twilight of the CD-i system). The console was designed to fit seamlessly into 26cm… Lees verder »

  • Philips Roller Controller

    Philips Roller Controller

    The CDI 22ER9012 Roller Controller is a controller for the Philips CD-i. It was designed after extensive studies by CTW and was build by Kun Ring Enterprises. However the working… Lees verder »

  • Siera Videopac+ G7400

    Siera Videopac+ G7400

    Description The Siera Videopac + G7400 is a Belgian Videopac gaming console. It is technical and in appearance almost identical to the Philips Videopac G7400+. The only real visible difference… Lees verder »

  • Commodore 64

    Commodore 64

    Inhoudsopgave1 Description1.1 Introduction1.2 Succes1.3 Facts about Commodore 64 Description Introduction The Commodore 64 is a home computer from the American company Commodore Business Machine (CBM). This home computer would go… Lees verder »

  • Gizmondo


    Inhoudsopgave1 Introduction2 A daring idea3 First Look4 Advertise does sell!5 A dark past6 Osborne effect7 Financial malpractice8 Lauch9 Smart Ads version10 Arrest11 Reviews11.1 Positive:11.2 Negative:12 Games13 Concluding14 Retrospective15 Sources Introduction… Lees verder »

  • Nokia N-GAGE

    Nokia N-GAGE

    The N-gage is a handheld introduced by mobile phone maker Nokia in 2003. Around the 00’s ever more young people carried both a phone and a handheld in their pocket…. Lees verder »

  • Philips FW380i CD-i HIFI system

    Philips FW380i CD-i HIFI system

    Inhoudsopgave1 Description2 Internally3 Pheripharels4 Rarity Description The FW380i is a CD-i mini hi-fi system from the Dutch electronics company Philips. It is not only a very rare device, but also… Lees verder »

  • Xbox series X Halo Infinite Limited Edition

    Xbox series X Halo Infinite Limited Edition

    The Xbox series X Halo Infinite limited edition is a limited edition of the regular Xbox series X. It was launched on November 15, 2021 in honor of Xbox’s 20th… Lees verder »

  • Top 10 Philips CD-i games

    Top 10 Philips CD-i games

    The Philips CD-i wasn’t the worlds best console when ik came out in the late 80’s. It also wasn’t primarly intended to be a dedicated gaming console, but more like… Lees verder »

  • Philips Discoverer TV

    Philips Discoverer TV

    Description The Discoverer TV is a limited edition TV from the Dutch manufacturer Philips. It was designed by Honson Lee and was introduced in 1983 to celebrate NASA’s first space… Lees verder »

  • The Second Video Game Crash!?

    The Second Video Game Crash!?

    Inhoudsopgave1 introduction2 History3 Philips CD-i 3.1 Development3.2 Limitations4 3DO4.1 Idea behind the 3DO monetisation 4.2 Specifications and appearance4.3 3DO concept 4.4 The End4.5 Legacy of the 3DO5 Pippin5.1 Specifications5.2 Peripherals… Lees verder »

  • Panasonic 3DO FZ-1

    Panasonic 3DO FZ-1

    Inhoudsopgave1 Description1.1 Specifications and appearance1.2 The 3DO concept1.3 The end1.4 Legacy Description The 3DO Interactive Multiplayer (commonly referred to as 3DO) was a line of video game consoles marketed by… Lees verder »

  • Sony Bravia KDL-22PX300 (PS2 TV)

    Sony Bravia KDL-22PX300 (PS2 TV)

    Inhoudsopgave1 Description1.1 Introduction1.2 Background1.3 Specifications1.4 Availability Description Introduction It is somewhat special to launch a PS2 product in late 2010. After all, the PS3 had been released in 2006 and,… Lees verder »

  • The ‘Philips Shock’

    The ‘Philips Shock’

    Inhoudsopgave1 How the development of Nintendo PlayStation let to the Zelda CD-i games.1.1 Introduction1.2 Nintendo Playstation1.2.1 Disagreement1.3 The ‘Philips Shock’1.4 CD-i1.5 Limitations1.6 Games1.6.1 Link: The Faces of Evil en Zelda:… Lees verder »

  • Philips in2it

    Philips in2it

    Inhoudsopgave1 Description1.1 Introduction1.2 PDA for girls1.3 Discontinuation1.4 Retrospective1.5 Application cards Description Introduction Last week, on March 11 2021, Lou Ottons passed away at the age of 94. This Dutch inventor… Lees verder »

  • Panasonic Q

    Panasonic Q

    Inhoudsopgave1 Background2 ‘The Q’3 The ultimate Gamecube4 Appearance5 Reception Background Until the end of the 20th century, Panasonic was the largest electronics concern in the world and during its heyday… Lees verder »

  • Xbox One X Cyberpunk Edition

    Xbox One X Cyberpunk Edition

    Description Microsoft lanced this special edition to promote the upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077 and of course the Xbox One X. This special edition was released in June of 2020. Microsoft… Lees verder »