Eizo FlexScan F78 (retro gaming monitor)



The FlexScan F78 is a professional computer monitor from Eizo. It was Eizo’s top model CRT when it was introduced in 1997. This was a turning point, when companies also started to ship their first LCD’s.

The F78 is a special monitor. It has a high resolution of up to 1600×1280. But what really distinguishes it from many other high-end monitors from that time is that it also has a BNC input in addition to a VGA connection. This makes it ideal for retro gaming.

The specifications and sophisticated features of the F78 make it Eizo’s most powerful and technically advanced monitor of that time. With a 0.26 mm dot pitch and a horizontal scanning frequency of 110 kHz, it is perfect for high-end use where sharp, precise images are required.

Looks and use

The appearance of the F78 is far from sexy. The monitor is clearly aimed at the business market, which is why Eizo, like many other computer manufacturers from the late 1990s, opted for a white/beige housing. This has yellowed somewhat over the past 25 years. The layout is functional and clearly well-thought-out. In addition to the power button, there are several physical buttons on the front to adjust the brightness and activate the built-in OSD. Most notable, however, is the physical button on the left that allows the user to easily switch between the BNC input and the VGA input. Very handy to switch from Windows to my Game cube or SNES, for example.

I tested the monitor with different games on both Mac and PC. The image quality is excellent. Especially after some manual adjustment. In addition to the vibrant colors, this monitor, like many other CRTs, also has good black levels.

An additional speaker unit (2x1watt) could be attached to the base of the monitor.

NameFlexScan F78 (MA-21A2)
Monitor type0.26mm Dot Pitch CRT
Screen size21 inch (55cm)
Actual viewing Diagonal50.1cm (19.7 inch)
Dimensions49,4 cm (w)
48,6 cm (h)
52 cm (d)
Weight31.5 kg
Power consumption195 watt

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  1. Patrick Lemmens

    Very nice review of this old but still working machine. The weight is also very special in regards that it is heavier then 25 kg so you are not allowed to lift it on you own by todays standards.

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