Videotronic CD-i M360 POS

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The CD-i M360 POS is a TV with a built-in CD-i player from the Dutch company Videotronic. This TV is comparable to the B&O AV5 and the Philips TCDI30, as these were also TVs that had a built-in CD-i player. However, only the M360 POS was a professional TV/CD-i hybrid, where the aforementioned TVs were aimed at consumers.

The TV was primarily used in DIY stores (bouwmarkten) in the Netherlands. They could be rented from Videotronic and had to be returned afterwards. This is also reflected on the sticker on the box that says ‘please keep the box for return shipments’ and a sticker on the back of the TV that says: ‘Rent-device, property of Videotronic Benelux B.V.’. Since almost all M360 POS TVs were returned to Videotronic, the TV is extremely rare to find.

On the back of the TV, there is a counting device that keeps track of how many hours the TV is used.

There are two known versions of the 360M POS. The regular black and a beige variant with touch screen.

Playing Hotel Mario on the Videotronic

CD-i player

The built-in player is a modified version of the Philips CD-i 470. Unlike a regular 470, the player does not have an on and off button. Both the TV and the player are automatically activated with a switch on the back of the TV. There are also no controller ports on the front of the 470. These are also placed on the back of the screen. Because the device has a built-in DVC it plays all CD-i software.

Besides the built-in CD-i player, the TV is very basic. There are no further connection-options. The device is solely intended as a dedicated Hybrid TV/CD-i player that you can easily move using an integrated handle on top.

NameCD-i M 360 POS
TypeProfessional TV
Worth~800 euro
Coloursbeige, black
RarityExtremely rare
Monitor typeCRT
Screen size34cm
Inputstwo controller ports
Dimensionsl x w x h:
35 x 34 x 41cm
SubsidiaryBuilt-in CD-i player (Video/Gaming Console)

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