SBR CD-i 4000

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CD-i 4000/470 in action with additional Digital Video Cartridge


The SBR CD-i 4000 was a compact CD-i player that came on the market in 1995 (the twilight of the CD-i system). It is a rebranded version of the Philips CD-i 470. But, where the 470 did not have a built-in Digital Video Cartridge, the 4000 had. Just as the CD-i 490. It, however, lacked the additional 16kb NV-RAM (32 total) of the on professional market orientated CD-i 490.

Following the example of the CD-i 450 and 550, the 4000/470 was relatively cheap. Due to its low price, it was a popular CD-i player. Although it could not prevent the downfall of the system.


Société Belge Radio-électrique (SBR) was a Belgian radio manufacturer that was founded in 1913. It would become the largest radio brand in Belgium and focused mainly on the sale of more expensive radio sets. Like CBRT, SBR was a Belgian subsidiary of Philips. Around 1960, SBR’s own production was stopped, and the company started to manufacture transistor radios for Philips. The SBR brand is gradually becoming a collector’s item.

Philips released the CD-i in Belgium under the SBR name, just as they had done in the past by introducing Siera branded Videopacs in Belgium. The familiarity of these brands in the home country had to ensure better sales of the equipment.


The SBR-4000 is a rare console. There is practically no information about it online. Due to this lack of information, it is difficult to determine its value. If you know more about it, please let me know.

NameCD-I 4000
TypeHome Console
Year of introduction1995
Lifespan1991-1996 (CD-i total)
BrandSBR (Philips)
Games released190+ (CD-i total)
RarityVery rare
CPU16-bit Philips 68070
15.5 MHz.
Weight2,785 kg

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