Panasonic 3DO FZ10

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The Pansonic FZ-10 3DO was the predecessor to the Panasonic FZ-1. It was introduced in the US in 1994 with an introduction price of $399. This was much more affordable than the $699 dollar Panasonic FZ-1.

Unlike the FZ-1, the FZ-10 had a top loading CD tray and an integrated memory manager. The controller was also smaller and lighter than the one included with the FZ-1, but lacked a headphones output.

When the FZ-10 was introduced by Panasonic, the 3DO was not selling well. The high expectations of the console were not fulfilled. The FZ-10 was a last-ditch effort to turn the tide. By using cheaper components and a simpler design, the console was cheaper to produce. As a result, costs could be reduced and the price for the consumer could therefore be lowered. This in the hope of boosting sales.

TypeHome Console
Worth150 euro
Units-FZ-10: 100.000 and 1000.000
-3DO total: 2.000.000
Games released200+
CPU32-bit RISC CPU @ 12.5 MHz (ARM 60)
RAM2 MB of main RAM[1]
1 MB of VRAM 
Storage32 KB SRAM (Save)
Screen resolution-640×480 (interpolated),
-320×240 (actual) 60 Hz
-768×576 (interpolated) -384×288 (actual) 50 Hz for PAL version.
-Two video co-processors capable of producing 9–16 million pixels per second (36–64 megapix/s interpolated), distorted, scaled, rotated and texture mapped.
MediaCD (Double Speed)
PowerAC 230 V 50/60 HZ
Region codePAL
Connections-Composite RCA
-RF Switch
Peripherals -Controller
-Light gun
-Steering wheel

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