Philips Discoverer TV

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The Discoverer TV is a limited edition TV from the Dutch manufacturer Philips. It was designed by Honson Lee and was introduced in 1983 to celebrate NASA’s first space shuttle launch in 1981. The TV resembles an astronauts space helmet. It even has a dark vizor that can be brought down to enhance the contrast and prevent glare on the 14 inch TV screen. The TV came with a matching but fragile remote control.

The TV bares the nickname ’Space Helmet TV’ due to obvious reasons. Several variants with a comparable form factor where introduced by different manufacturers in the word (see picture).

The TV was marketed as a sturdy device that had to appeal to young ‘Tech Savvy’ men in particular. The Space theme had to contribute to this, among other things. It’s looks are completely unique and I personally quite like it.

Different versions of the Discoverer TV around the world

The TV had an integrated kabel connection and a detachable antenna. It had no SCART. Nevertheless, the colours are vibrant and its a perfect companion for my SNES.

Nowadays the TV is quite rare and pretty popular as an gaming TV. It sometimes shows up on eBay.

TypeTV (special edition)
Worth200 euro
fl. 995,- (452 euro)
Monitor typeCRT (dark screen)
Screen size14 inch (37 cm)
Aspect Ratio4:3
Dimensions53 cm (w)
43 cm (h)
52,5 cm (d)
Weight11,6 kg (nett)
14.5 (gross)
Speakers1 x 2 W
TV TunerAnalogue
connections-Antenna (intergrated)

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