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Anno 2023, more and more brands are introducing dedicated gaming monitors. It becomes clear to them that many gamers today no longer need a TV tuner. They simply want to play games on a screen with the best image quality and sufficient connections. This means that image techniques such as OLED, QLED and monitors with local dimming zones have become increasingly commonplace. With its M-line, Sony released a series of monitors that aesthetically fit perfectly with the PS5 but are also completely tailored to Sony’s new console. What many people don’t know is that Sony has already released a specific monitor for one of its consoles. However, we must go back two generations for that to the PS3 era.

In 2011, Sony introduced its PlayStation branded 3D Monitor. It wasn’t Sonys first attempt to introduce a PlayStation marketet TV. That honor goes to the Sony Bravia KDL-22PX300; form 2010. However, this was a rebranded Bravia TV with built-in PS2. The PlayStation 3D monitor however was a dedicated monitor without TV-functionalities.

PS2 TV and PS 3D Monitor side by side
KDL-22PX300 in action


As soon as you take the monitor out of the box, you notice that it looks like an enlarged PSP-go on a stand. This is not necessarily a negative point. The screen is very thin, and the design is moderately stylish, which sets the monitor apart from many other monitors. In addition, you will not bend your back when you move the monitor. All in all, it weighs no more than about 6 kg. In several reviews from 2011, I read that the full HD screen was too small for a living room and even a bedroom TV. However, this was also not the purpose of the monitor. After all, otherwise they would have installed a TV tuner.

Screen without stand

Gaming on the PlayStation 3D monitor

The good

And now what matters. It’s a real pleasure to play on the monitor. The colors are very vibrant, and the black levels are excellent. The backlighting is well-balanced because there is no light bleeding, as you saw on many screens from that time. In addition, there is also no visible ghosting. No matter what game I played on it with my antique PS3, they all looked better than on my other screens. The sound of the 2 inch speakers on both sides of the screen is not bad, but also not particularly good.

A special feature of the screen is SimulView. This is a technique where two people, each with their own 3D glasses, can see their gameplay on the same screen. In a game like Motor Storm Apocalypse, for example, you can race against each other without split screen by using this technique. Very cool and it works well. Although the resolution in this mode is limited to 720p. The technique, however, was short-lived. Few games have been adapted for it, and as far as I know neither Sony nor other manufacturers have implemented the technique on other screens. In 2023, however, it still works properly, as does the ‘regular’ 3D functionalities of the screen.

Last but not least. The monitor was only 599 dollar when it was introduced. Not very expensive for an high quality monitor with 3D functionalities.

SimulView is recognized by PS3

The bad

However, there are two things that I don’t like about the monitor. Firstly, the monitor comes without a remote control. Now, I know that most monitors don’t have remotes. However, since this monitor is also intended as a dedicated console screen, a remote control would have been very useful. Certainly, since the buttons with which you have to operate the monitor are hidden on the right side, behind the screen. The result is that you have to find your way by touch to the on/off button, volume buttons or the menu button. The monitor does work with other Sony remote controls. My PS2 TV remote works fine. Second, the monitor goes into sleep mode rapidly. When you activate the monitor, you only have about three seconds to turn on the input device and zap to the correct channel before entering sleep mode. This cannot be changed in the menu. You can, however, activate the option in the menu that the monitor automatically goes out of sleep mode if you first activate the input device. Finally, my biggest issue with this monitor is glare. As soon as you take the monitor out of the box, it looks like you bought a mirror. The screen shines and shines enormously, so you can constantly see your image in light conditions. Great for narcissists, but not for people who want to play games or work on screen during the day. In dark conditions, this glare is absent. Although I am very fond of this monitor, I only use it in the evening or with the curtains closed. Really, a drawback. Although I’m not certain why Sony made this screen mirrored, I suspect it has to do with the layer they put on the screen for the SimulView function.


The Sony PlayStation 3D Monitor is an excellent, relatively low cost, 3D monitor with special PS3 functionalities (SimulView). Are you looking for a monitor from the same era as your retro PS3 console, and you don’t mind only playing in the dark, look no further.

The tv is uncommon. However, normally a few are still available on ebay: PS2 TV Ebay

NamePlaystation 3D Monitor
Worth300 euro
599 dollar
Monitor typeLCD
Screen size23.5 inch
Aspect Ratio16:9
Dimensions65 cm width
39.1 cm height
20.7 cm depth
Weight5.7 kg
Speakers2 inch + subwoofer
SubsidiarySimulView option
connections-Audio input (1)
-Component (1)
-HDMI (2)
-Headphones. output
-USB (1)

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