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The PlayStation Portal Remote Player is an accessory for the PlayStation 5. With this streaming device, you can play PlayStation 5 games anywhere you want via a wireless network. It has the confusing abbreviation ‘PSP’.

All PS54 and PS4 games work on the Portal. That’s because the games are not played directly on the device, but in stead on your regular PS5. Without a PS5, the Portal is therefore of no use.

The Portal consists of a large 8-inch LCD screen. It is a shame that Sony did not opt for an OLED screen, like in the VITA. Probably to reduce costs.

The controllers are located on the side of the screen. It looks like Sony sawed its regular PS5 controller in half and stuck it on either side of the screen. This is a good thing. This means that the Portal controls just as well as a regular PS5 controller.

Stable connection

You can use the PS Portal with your wireless home network, but also at another location. The only condition is that the location has a stable broadband connection of at least 5 Mbps. However, you would prefer a little more bandwidth, because if you only have 5 Mbps, the resolution of the screen drops dramatically, causing your game to lose all sharpness. Therefore, for a better gaming experience, a fast connection of at least 15 Mbps is recommended.

Unfortunately, the Sony PlayStation Portal does not feature Bluetooth. Instead, Sony has decided to go the route of a seamless wireless connection known as PlayStation Link. PlayStation Link is Sony’s newest wireless connection solution for its PlayStation devices.

This means that you can only use PlayStation-exclusive headphones and wireless earbuds if you want to go the wire-free route. Your only go-to wireless solution for the PlayStation Portal is the Pulse Elite headset and the Pulse Explore Wireless earbuds. But Sony is going to allow third-party manufacturers to utilize PlayStation Link in their future audio peripherals.

Intended for?

But who is the Portal intended for? I find that question difficult to answer. Considering the hardware, the portal is not expensive in my view at 219.99, but it is an accessory that only offers limited functionality. It is simply an extension of your PS5 that transmits image and sound via the internet. I suspect that it will mainly be purchased by a small target group of adult gamers who would like to play games on their girlfriend’s couch while she watches TV. Or play a game of FIFA in bed. In any case, that’s what I use the Portal for.


-DualSense haptic feedback and adaptive triggers for supported games;
-8-inch LCD screen (full HD)60 FPS @ 1080p.

NamePlaystation Portal
TypeConsole accessory
LifespanNovember 2023

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