Philips CD-i mouse

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The CDI 22ER9011 is a mouse for the CD-i consoles. In came with a mousepad and a bracket to secure it to your CD-i.

In the 1990s various gaming consoles received support for the use of a mouse. Examples were the Sega Dreamcast and Saturn, Playstation, 3DO and Super Nintendo. Although in all cases this additional peripheral had to be purchased separately. Some of these mouses where fairly popular, especially te SNES mouse. However, there was a defining limiting factor is using a mouse for the aforementioned consoles. There were almost no games that supported it.

Philips decided to do things differently. All her controllers could be used for all CD-i software, from the Roller Controller (designed for kids) until the business orientated tv-remotes. The CD-i mouse wasn’t a exception. With the mouse you can control all CD-i games like sidescrolling platformers, shootem ups, puzzle games, FPS’ etc. Apart from the platform and puzzle games, many games for the CD-i play very well with the mouse. Perhaps it is the best controller for much of the CD-i software. Although this is partly due to the limited quality of the other CD-i controllers. The CD-i mouse is therefore a must have for the platform. But, pay attention only the CD-i platform, because it does not work on regular PC’s or Mac’s.

Worth90 euro (boxed)

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