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In 1996, Philips launched the CD-i Internet package. This package allowed users to go onto the Internet with their CD-i player, without the need for a PC.

Together with the Dutch software developer ‘Boys Interactive’, a special modem was designed. According to Philips, people who have no knowledge of computers had to be able to access the Internet with this without any difficulty. Access is obtained by simply clicking on the logo of a preselected site. Another way is to use the on-screen keyboard to type in an address. Favorite “sites” could be stored in the player’s memory.

Memory was limited to twenty bookmark characters. Online, however, more memory was made available. The CD-i pakket supported all three main functions of the Internet, namely the “world wide web,” e-mail and newsgroups. It was possible to send electronic mail around the world, although the package was primarily intended for entertainment. According to Philips, this was sufficient for consumers.

RAM Raid

Ram Raid is a game for the Philips CD-i that was developed by Philips Research Labs and Philips Media Games ADS. The game was bundled with the CD-i online internet browser. RAM Raid is considered by many to be the first online First Person Shooter. The 7-member development team took inspiration for the game from DOOM, which was introduced shortly before.

The game’s description read:
“Welcome to RAM Raid: The best game on the internet, available only to CD-Online subscribers.
Your mission is to defeat others subscribers and became the best CD-Online RAM Raider and win the right to challenge RAM, the main computer. Fight against RAM’s mercenaries, and defeat your fellow subscribers, RAM Raid is a heart-stopping jorney through “hyper-reality.”

The game had two modes:

  1. an online mode, in which 9 maps could be played against other CD-i owners.
  2. an offline mode (practice area and more practice), in which two levels could be played against computer-controlled opponents.

The player base of RAM Raid was limited due to the failure of the CD-i platform. The online functionality stopped 1999 due to the discontinuation of the CD-i online severs. The practice mode is still playable.

The developer of RAM Raid later produced the offline CD-i FPS “Atlantis the last resort”, which became one of the most ‘beloved’ CD-i games.

NameCD-i internet pakket
Worth150 euro

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