Philips Videopac N60

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The Videopac N60 is an extremely rare variant of the Videopac.

Specs and Appearance

The console is in appearance very similar to the more known G7200. The console has the same specifications as the G7000 and G7200 and also shares the 23 cm built-in display with the latter. What sets the N60 apart is its more compact shape, which the console owes to its housing and which fully corresponds to the French Minitel 1A (a teletext terminal). The unused holes in the housing of the N60, where telephones can be plugged in, are even handed down from the teletext terminal. While the N60 also features a membrane keyboard, its more compact shape prevents existing overlays for the G7000 and G7200 from fitting.


The N60 was only released in France. This is also reflected in the name because several French variants of Philips consoles have a name with the letter ‘n’ in combination with a number. For example, the n20 and n30 were popular Philips Pong consoles in France.


The N60 was probably released shortly before the introduction of the G7200, as the controllers are still hard-wired and there is no 8-pin video output on the console. As a result, it is not possible to connect the console to a television, making it a de facto portable game console, without a battery.

Due to its compact design, striking appearance, built-in screen and dark blue color, the N60 is considered by many to be the most beautiful variant of the Videopac and even as one of the most beautiful consoles ever made. In any case, it is the rarest variant of the Videopac and therefore a very popular collector’s item. I consider it one of the showpieces of my collection.

NameVideopac N60
TypeHome Console
Worth600 euro
Games released60+
Rarityvery rare
PredecessorVideopac G7000
SuccessorVideopac G7200
CPUIntel 8048 1,72 MHz.

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