Siera Videopac+ G7400

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The Siera Videopac + G7400 is a Belgian Videopac gaming console. It is technical and in appearance almost identical to the Philips Videopac G7400+. The only real visible difference with the Philps Videopac is that the name Siera is placed on the left side of the console, near the cartridge slot. When you look from the side, the Siera is also a bit thicker than the Philips’ 7400 (see picture). The reason for this is unclear to me.

height difference between the Philips G7400 and the Sierra G7400
left the Philips G7400 and right the Sierra G7400

Siera was yet another brand name under which Videopac consoles and games where marketed. Just like Schneider, Radiola, Brandt and Saba. Siera even was a full subsidiary of Philips. A strategy Philips often used. The company regularly introduced products via subsidiaries to piggyback on the popularity of these brands in their respective home country.

It is unclear to me if Siera consoles (and their games) were limited exclusively to Belgium, but nevertheless they are quite scarce today. So it seems safe to say they did not receive wide distribution. Therefore the Siera Videopac + G7400 is a very rare and obscure item.

NameVideopac+ G7400
TypeHome console
LifespanUnknown (regular G7400 was introduced in 1983)
Worth250 euro
RarityVery rare
Model nr.7400/00
ProcessorIntel 8048@5,91 MHZ
ConnectorsAntenna/RGB (some models)

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