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Philips P200T

In march of 1980 Philps introduced its P2000T home computer. The system was to a large extend developed by the Austrian professor Dieter Hammer. He used a lot of components that Philips also used for various of its other products. For example, the video chip Philips integrated in the P2000T was a chip they already used in their teletext terminals, the cartridge system to load programs and games was since 1978 used in their Videopac gaming consoles etc. Due to their broad portfolio of consumer electronics Philips could quickly implement these existing technologies in a small computer and because much of these technologies were developed inhouse, it was also a cheap solution.

The P2000T is often described as the first real entry in the home computer marked after the Videopac computers. Although there is a grain of truth in this statement, it maybe isn’t a fair comparison. Videopac gaming consoles like the G7000, G7400, G7401, G7200, N60 etc. all had a build-in keyboard so they could function as a sort of ‘my first PC’. However, outside of games and some programming software, almost no other software was developed for the system and Philips also did not marketed is as a PC. It was primarily a gaming console that tried to compete with the Atari 2600 and Intellivision.

The P2000T on the other hand was primarily intended to be a compact home computer and like all home computers was also used to play games on. The games were however not graphically impressive because the P2000T did not support a high-resolution display mode which limited the possibilities for gaming developers. The Sofware that came out for the system was also not gaming orientated (science, educations and data communications).

Looks and specs

The shape of the P2000T has a resemblance to the design of the Videopac G7000 and G7400. It starts wide from the back of the device and tapers to a fine point on the front. It also shares its build-in keyboard, although contrary to the G7000, the P2000T had mechanical keys. The cartridge slot is positioned on the top of the console and cartridges have to be inserted vertically just like with any Videopac console (except voor de N60).


Due to the limited graphical capabilities of the system in comparison to its competeters, the P2000T only had a limited succes. Just in its home marked, the Netherlands, it enjoyed some popularity in schools, universities and hobby computer clubs.

Random fact: the power button of the P2000T is notorious for breaking easily.

TypeHome Computer
BrandPhilips (Austria)
Worth300 euro
Pricesfl. 3000,-
PredecessorPhilips Videopac G7401
SuccessorPhilips P2000C
CPUZilog Z80 @ 2.5 Mhz.
GPUTeletext Video Chip
RAM16kb RAM + 4kb ROM
Connections2 x cartridge slots
Composite video

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  1. B Jansen

    The P2000 might have suffered from bad graphics (Teletekst) and the lack of a proper keyboard routine (the monitor code made a weird list of buttons in their order of pressing), it does have one of the best space shooters ever made, beating Galaga.
    The reason it was designed in Austria seem to origin in the micro-tape factory over there. Philips wanted new applications for the micro tape mechanisms.

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