Philips CD-i 450

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NameCD-I 450
TypeHome Console
Pricesfl. 499,-
fl. 799,- (with DVC)
PredecessorVideopac+ G7400
Model nr.CDI-450/00
CPU16-bit Philips 68070
15.5 MHz.
RAM1,5 mb


The 450 is CD-i’s cheapest variant. At the end of CD-i’s life, Philips noticed that they only made a profit on the CD-i games. So they decided to create a CD-i player that was cheaper than previous models and looked more like a traditional gaming console. To keep the price down, Philips decided not to supply the device with a Digital Video Cartridge as a standard. Although understandable from a cost point of view, without the DVC the device was practically useless for the audience it was targeting. The DVC was needed for most of the CD-i games.

The CD-i 450 couldn’t save the future of the CD-i. From 1994 the console faced competition from Playstation, which came to dominate the gaming landscape in the following years.

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