Philips Videopac+ G7400

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Background and specs

The Philips Videopac + G7400 was launched in 1983; four years after the G7000. It is often seen as the direct successor to the G7000 (in stead of the N60 and G7200) and is therefore considered part of the third generation of gaming consoles. Nevertheless this is not entirely correct. The technical differences, in comparison with the G7000, were limited. This was largely due to the fact that the console had the same processor as the G7000, although it was clocked higher. Nonetheless, the G7400 did have a higher maximum resolution (320 × 238) and more RAM (6 kb RAM).


Regarding the game library there was also just a modest distinction compared to the possibilities of the G7000. The G7400 could play three types of games:
1. All G7000 games.
2. Special G7000 games that, when played on a G7400, used additional high resolution background graphics.
3. Specifically developed games for the G7400 with high resolution sprites and backgrounds. The latter category of games was not playable on the G7000.

In my view, the G7400 is better compared to Xbox one X and Playstation 4 pro in relation to their predecessors: the Xbox one and Playstation 4. It was just a modest evolution on a technical level and brought to little innovation to really distinguish itself from its predecessor.

The G7400 is still in limited numbers available on the 2nd hand market. For example on ebay: G7400 ebay

NameVideopac+ G7400
TypeHome console
Model nr.7400/00
ProcessorIntel 8048@5,91 MHZ
ConnectorsAntenna/RGB (some models)

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