SONY KX-14CP1 (retro gaming monitor)



The Sony KV14-CP1 is a very special monitor. At its introduction in 1985, it already enjoyed great interest in various circles. Not only the design and color scheme is a beautifully balanced combination, but also the perfect image quality makes the KX-14 stand out from many of its competitors.

The Sony KV14-CP1 is known as a medical monitor. It was therefore primarily intended to be placed in hospitals and clinics. The white-gray color scheme attests to this target group. However, in the day the monitor appealed to a much wider audience. It was often combined with game consoles such as the MSX and MSX2. Nowadays, the monitor is highly sought after by retro gamers due to its particularly beautiful appearance and good image quality. In addition, unlike many regular computer monitors, the monitor has good internal speakers. An ideal combination for your Gamecube or Playstation 1 and 2.


A special feature of the KV14-CP1 is that the connections are not placed on the back, but on the right side of the monitor. Although it takes some getting used to, this is a relief if you want to place the monitor close to the wall or if you regularly switch-input devices. You don’t have to squirm behind the monitor every time, but you can easily switch the input on the side.


The KX-14CP1 is one of the first Sony monitors to be equipped with the new Black-matrix Trinitron principle. The image of the Trinitron TV was already an advantage over other brands. The trick is in the special design of the aperture grille. This is a grid on the inside of the tube. This grid is provided with tiny slits through which the light of the cathode ray hits the phosphor. The manufacture of such grids is very complicated. The more precise the aperture grid, the more beautiful the image the monitor displays. The KX-14CP1 also introduced the ‘black matrix’ technique. This means that the grid of the tubes of the CRT is black, so that the contrast values ​​were higher than with other CRT monitors from that time. Black matrix screens have considerable darker contrast options than normal tubes.

In addition, the image grille was very fine (037mm) and the KX-14 was also equipped with an almost flat image tube with right angles (flat-square). This ensured a bright and clear display and high sharpness at the edges and in the corners of the image. The difference with other (cheaper) monitors was clearly visible for the human eye. The KX-14CP1 displayed an unsurpassed image quality for the time.

The KX-14CP1 is nowadays hard to find. They are sometimes up for sale on ebay: KX-14CP1

NameKX-14CP1 (Trinitron)
TypeMedical Video Monitor
year of introduction1983
Worth250 euro
Prices1595 gulden
Monitor typeMicroblack Trinitron – Aperture Grille
Screen size14 inch (13 inch viewable)
Refresh rate15 KHz
TVL count450
Inputs1x Scart
Dimensions38.0 × 34.0 × 43.0 cm
Weight11.9 kg (26.2 lb)

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