Philips VS0080 (retro gaming monitor)


The Philips VS0080 is a Philips display that is completely attuned to the Phillips MSX computers in terms of design and color. The monitor’s anthracite gray color matches perfectly with the company’s MSX2 computers. This was not a coincidence, because Philips sold the VS0080 in a bundle with MSX2 computers.


The VS0080 has a diameter of 37 centimeters and a deflection angle of 90 degrees. The pitch of the shadow mask is 0.65 millimeters, resulting in a horizontal resolution of 390 lines. The video bandwidth is more than 8 MHz, making the monitor capable of up to 64 characters per line. The Line frequency is 15625 Hz and the field frequency is between 47 and 63 Hz. The effective image size is 281 by 211 millimeters. In addition, a 1 bit amplifier and a 7.5 cm speaker are built in.

Connections special features

In addition to the cinch connections for video and audio, the VS0080 has also a SCART connection for linear RGB signals. Unfortunately, the monitor only has 1 of these connections. A striking detail is that it also gives the impression that a BNC-connection can be found on the back, but in fact it is not installed. Another special feature is that the VS0080, although it is a colour monitor, also has a phosphor mode. With a button on the front of the screen, the wide variety of colours is replaced by just phosphor green and black. This was a necessity in the 1980s, as office programs only used a black background with green letters and characters. A very distinctive feature on a colour monitor that looks a bit anachronistic today.

year of introduction1986
Worth50 euro
Introduction Price899 gulden
Monitor typeCrt
Screen size39 cm
Refresh rate47-63 Hz
TVL count390
Inputs1x Scart

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