XBOX 360

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NameXbox 360
TypeHome Console
Worth80 euro
Prices299 euro (standard)
399 euro (20 GB)
Units81,30 million
SuccessorXbox one
CPU3.2 GHz PowerPC Tri-Core Xenon
GPU500 MHz ATI Xenos 
RAM512 MB of unified GDDR3 RAM clocked at 700 MHz
(later) HMDI


The Xbox 360 was released by Microsoft in 2005. It was the successor to the original Xbox. The Xbox 360 would be the breakthrough for Xbox. The console was immensely popular and would vastly outsell his predecessor. Also ​compared to its competitor Sony did Microsoft excel. The console came out more than a year earlier than the PS3 and was therefore able to build momentum quickly. In addition, with a starting price of 299 euros, it was a lot cheaper than the 599 euros costing PS3. In addition, the games that were released for the console appealed to a more mature audience and especially western audience. The console would therefore conquer a large market share in US and Europe. Last but certainly not least the console had with Xbox Live, in contrast to the PS3, excellent online capabilities. There was no build in wifi available. So many users bought the additional Wireless Adapter (see pictures).

The design of the Xbox 360 was smaller than the first Xbox. As a result, the power supply has been brought outside the console. The standard console has a white color with green hues. The covers are interchangeable, so everyone could make their own unique Xbox 360.

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