Sharp Twin Famicom

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The Sharp Twin Famicom is a console from the Japanese electronics concern Sharp. It was introduced exclusively in Japan in 1986. The Sharp twin famicom is actually a combination of a regular Famicom and the Family Computer Disk System (FDS). The Sharp Twin Famicom could therefore play both cartridges and floppy disks.

The floppy disk drive is placed prominently on the front of the console. A switch-button can be found just below the cartridge slot. With this button you could switch between the regular cardrigdes and diskettes. It was not possible to insert a cardridge and a floppy disk at the same time. The switch that changes the mode from disk to cartridge worked in a manner in which choosing to use the cartridge slot will block the disk drive, and vice versa. However, in some systems, only the cartridge slot will be blocked, but it is impossible to change to cartridge mode while the disk is being read.

Like other Famicom game consoles the Twin Famicom has an expansion port, making it easy to connect peripherals, such as the beam gun or an extra controller.

The Twin Famicom differed from the regular Famicom and Nes because it used an AV output instead of an antenna connection. The composite connection as well as the use of diskettes made better image quality and sound effects possible.

What I personally find very useful about the Twin Famicom is that you can store the controllers in molded openings behind the cartridge slot. This not only looks playful, it also makes a well-groomed impression.

Initially the Twin Famicom appeared in red and in black. A second version that appeared in 1987 was green and black and had turbo controllers.

NameSharp Twin Famicom
TypeHome Console
Worth350 dollar
Prices299 dollar
PredecessorFamicom Titler
CPURicoh 2A03 8-bit@1,79 MHz.
GPURicoh 2C02 (25 colours)
RAM2KB work RAM, 2 KB Video Ram, 32 KB work RAM in FDS mode, 8 KB video Ram in FDS mode.
ConnectionsAV composite

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