PS4 500 million limited edition

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NamePS4 500 million limited edition
TypeHome Console (limited edition)
Worth800 euro (boxed)
Prices499 euro
Rarityvery rare
CPU8-core AMD x86-64 Jaguar 2.13 GHz.
GPUAMD GCN Radeon 911 MHz. 1.84 TFLOPS
ConnectionsHDMI (HDR)


The 500 Million edition is the embodyment of an important milestone for Sony. Since the introduction of the PS1 in 1994, half a billion Playstations have been sold. Sony thought it was time to celebrate this joyful event by introducing a special edition of the PS4 pro. It was also a great opportunity, shortly before the introduction of the PS5, to bring the PS4 pro back to the attention of the public.


Sony released the 500 million PS4 pro in august of 2018. They produced only 50.000 units, making it a collector’s item for Playstation fans and collectors. What added to the feeling of excursiveness was that each console has a copper place on the front with a punched serial number. The result was a truly unique gaming console. There were also “extra special” units that marked important dates in PlayStation history. Think of 09995 or 01115. These correspond to release dates of the original PlayStation or PlayStation 4.

However, It was not the first time that Sony released a special ‘midnight blue’ version of its console. On April 2, 1998, the company launched the ’10 Million Anniversary Model ‘of the PS1 in the same livery.

10 Million Anniversary Model (PS1)


The 500 million edition has a deep dark blue color and is slightly transparent, so that if you look closely, the internal components are visible. Included with the console is a matching DualShock 4 wireless controller, PlayStation Camera, Vertical Stand and mono headset. Although tastes differ, the 500 million edition is considered by many to be one of the most beautifull special editions of the PS4.

The console contains a 2TB hard drive, but the specifications are otherwise identical to the regular PS4 pro.

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