Polycon PG-7

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The Polycon PG-7 is a cartridge based console introduced in 1978. It is in essence a pong-machine but, much like the Magnavox Odyssey (1), one that makes use of cartridges to select different games. The games are therefore not stored on the cartridges itself but are preloaded on the machine. The polycon PG-7 uses a chipset form General Instriments. This chipset makes it possible to play the following games:
– 10 sport games
– 8 motorcycle games
– 6 wipeout games
– 2 roadrace games
– 2 tank battle games
– 6 submarine games
– 12 pistol games

And like with al pong machines: the numbers count!


The PG-7 has a striking design. It has a creamy yellow color that gives the console a classic look. A striking detail is that the cartridges can be inserted vertically into the front of the console. There is no real “slot” to insert the whole cartridge, but only a thin connector for the contact edge of the cartridge. This gives the PG-7 a special and distinct appearance.

Two removable controllers were supplied with the system that, much like the Philips Odyssey Pong consoles, could be stored on notches on the machine itself. Both controllers also had an analog joystick and a fire button. In addition, also a numeric keyboard has been installed on the console. This allowed to select up to 10 games. In addition to an option button, power and reset button, the console also has a colour switch witch function is to select one of the 4 display color combinations (red, purple, blue, green). Like many other Pong machines, the PG-7 also has a score slider, with which the scores can be kept analogously when you play with friends.

Unique selling point

At the back of the system connectors are placed for optional controllers like a light gun, or the popular optional Battle Tank controllers. These last controllers did not work on all pong consoles that had a chip from General Instruments. Only a few, including the PG-7 shown here, had the technical capabilities of the AY-3-8710 chipset to drive the Tank games and the aforementioned digital controllers. In addition to the interchangeable cartridges, this distinguished the PG-7 from its competitors.

TypeHome console
PredecessorPolycon 4010
SuccessorPolycon 4016
ProcessorAY-3-8610 / 8765
ConnectorsRF TV video output
Power SupplyExternal power supply 9V or 6×1.5v “C”(R12) batteries

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