Philips Videopac+ G7401

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The G7401 is essentially identical to the G7400, but uses a Péritel/DIN plug for video output instead of a normal TV antenna plug. The Péritel is a standard French 40-pin connector, equivalent to SCART, which allows video input devices to be directly recognized by televisions without setting up a channel. This makes it easier to use outside of PAL regions, in countries such as the U.S. Furthermore the connection gives the G7401 the possibility to output an RGB-signal which greatly improves the image quality. The G7401 is the last Videopac console sold by Phillips. Some variants even have software that recognizes the G7401 as the prototype ‘Odyssey 3’ which was never released.

After the introduction of the G7401 it would take Philips almost 20 years to start a new gaming episode by lancing the CD-i.

It is not clear how much units of the G7401 where produced. However, the console is very rare. It is much harder to find one than the G7400. The only G7401’s I could find came from French. Probably because the Péritel connection was invented and introduced there in 1978 and became a standard in 1981, before other countries widely adopted the standard.

NameVideopac+ G7401
TypeHome console
RarityVery rare
SuccessorPhilips CD-i 205
Model nr.7400/00
ProcessorIntel 8048@5,91 MHZ

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