Philips AZ6880 (Video-CD player)

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The AZ6880 is a CD- and VIDEO CD player from Philips. In addition to audio it also plays CD-i discs. However, it isn’t a full fledged CD-i player and therefore the cd-i functionality of the device is limited to play video content.

Furthermore the player doesn’t have a screen, besides a small lcd-screen to display the number of (audio/video) tracks. So the only way to play VIDO CD’s and CD-i discs is to connect the device via a video cable to a TV. For audio in movies a second (R/W) audio cable has to be connected to the CD-port on the back.

Besides missing an screen, the device also lacks ports for a CD-i controller nor does is have infrared. Consequently limiting the gaming capabilities of the player. It is therefore more a CD-i video player than a ‘CD-player/gaming console hybride’.

Nevertheless, it is a strange but capable device. The Video CD and CD-i functionality both have full playback control and is is also a very good CD player. Powered with batteries the device plays 8 hours of audio CD en 2 hours of VIDEO CD and CD-i.


The build quality of the device is very good compared to similar portable disc players. The front is largely made of metal in different shades of gray. The sides, bottom and rear have been made of a durable plastic. The buttons have a good click and the screen on the front is a backlit LCD.

The device has an dedicated switch behind the CD tray where you can choose between NTSC en PAL. Below the switch Philips confidently states: This product is designed and produced by Philips the inventor of CD and DCC (Digital Compact Cassette).


Much is unknown about the device. I could only find a little information on the web. It is save to say that is is a very rare CD-i (video) capable player. Maybe thats why the device is not mentioned on populair CD-i websites or ebay.

TypeCD-i/Video/Audio CD player
Year of introduction
Lifespan1988-1998 (CD-i total)
RarityVery rare

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  2. Bas

    Hi, small correction, this is a Video CD player, not CD-i compatible. It is a little misleading here, but this device does not play true CD-i discs. You cannot play CD-i games on it, the format is not recognized.

    1. Bart Dekker Auteur bericht

      Dank voor de feedback, ik heb de titel aangepast. In de vrije tekst staat wel dat er geen games mee te spelen zijn.

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