Goldstar 3DO

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The Goldstar 3DO was produced by Korean electronics company Goldstar. It was introduced in the US and Korea in 1994 with an introduction price of $399. This was much more affordable than the $699 dollar Panasonic FZ-1. Goldstar sold their 3DO’s through mass merchandisers and stores.

A few games seem to have a problem with the early Goldstar units such as Cyberia, PO’ed and The Horde. This was due to the fact that the early Goldstar models couldn’t handle files of a certain size. This problem is exemplary for the 3DO and the result of the fact that the 3DO company did not make the consoles themselfs but licensed the schematics to third party console builders. Therefore the hardware could deviate.

NameGoldstar 3DO Interactive Multiplayer 
TypeHome Console
Worth150 euro (boxed)
Units2 million
Games released200+
CPU32-bit RISC CPU @ 12.5 MHz (ARM 60)
GPUAti Flipper
@ 162 MHz. (1.94 GFLOPS)
RAM2 MB of main RAM[1]
1 MB of VRAM 
Storage32 KB SRAM (Save)
Screen resolution-640×480 (interpolated),
-320×240 (actual) 60 Hz
-768×576 (interpolated) -384×288 (actual) 50 Hz for PAL version.
-Two video co-processors capable of producing 9–16 million pixels per second (36–64 megapix/s interpolated), distorted, scaled, rotated and texture mapped.
MediaCD (Double Speed)
PowerAC 230 V 50/60 HZ
Region codePAL
Connections-Composite RCA
-RF Switch
Peripherals -Controller
-Light gun
-Steering wheel

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